Fashion Nugget [Explicit]

April 12, 2018 - Comment
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Basil Abraxas says:

Everyone Loves Cake! What is there to say about Cake? Its a band both of its time period and totally out of time. What does Cake sound like? Cake, pretty much. Don’t come to Cake for your emotional fix. It’s songs are light a poppy- the best description I can think of is alternative pop. The songs on this (and every Cake album) are not going to be bangers- there is mellowness to them, or more accurately, a gentle weirdness that flows through their work. This is music perfect for hanging out, doing nothing in…

Snavicus says:

Still The Best Cake Album Out There If you’re just hearing about Cake now, or been a long time fan, I think you’ll be hard pressed to find another album from them with so many great songs. They don’t take themselves seriously, and I that’s what I like about this album. They have a good time, do what they like, and don’t worry about making their lyrics too meaningful. Experimentation with words, instruments, and harmonies are seen throughout the album.In regards to the individual tracks:1: Frank Sinatra…

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