Sweet Nothings

February 16, 2018 - Comment
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J. M. Olszanicky says:

FAN FUNDED RETURN Baltimore-based Dog Fashion Disco have always been difficult to pin down. Combining such potentially dissimilar genres as alternative metal, funk and cabaret, the collective made a name for themselves with their unique crossover style. The act’s eclectic tendencies backed by sharp songwriting turned such albums as Anarchists Of Good Taste and Committed To a Bright Future into exciting genre-bending offerings. The band was clearly on a roll last decade but they didn’t hit their stride until 2006…

Mr. Nek says:

If you like any Todd Smith project, buy this now! This album is exactly what I hoped it would be. It has been many years since Dog Fashion Disco has released an album and I was concerned that this one might take on the styles of Todd Smith’s other projects and lose the feel of the originals. Luckily, my concern was unfounded and I was thoroughly impressed with every track on this one. It picks up right where Dog Fashion Disco left off. This is probably one of the most brass, piano, and organ heavy of all the Dog Fashion Disco library and it is…

Anonymous says:

This is a pretty fantastic album overall. To compare it to their previous album, Adultery, it doesn’t have as many absolutely top-notch songs, but it also has less tracks that aren’t great. Obviously, to each their own on their personal choices for songs. I imagine if someone felt the same way about the songs of Adultery as I do, they’d possibly feel similar about the quality of this album. SO, here’s my quick comparison.Adultery tier list:Top tier – The absolute…

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